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Why UCMAS in Plano ?

Hello! Welcome to UCMAS Plano, your neighbourhood abacus-based mental math training center. 

South Plainfield is famous for its nature reserves like Arbor Hills and Oak Point Park and home to many global corporations. UCMAS has developed their franchise with the aim of creating an educational environment where pupils can improve logical, inventive, and mental math skills by studying advanced math and abacus programes with the help of trained and qualified instructors.

Program Structure
The UCMAS program stimulates young minds, endowing them with a unique capacity for fast arithmetic through abacus training. Students are taught how to use the finger technique and mathematical formulas to work on book pages using both a physical and mental abacus. Group lessons provide engaging experiences for all UCMAS abacus math students.
9720 Coit Road, Suite 210 Plano,
TX, 75025
Centre Hours
Mon-Fri: 4pm - 8pm
Sat: 10am - 4pm
Sun: 10am - 4pm
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About UCMAS Plano
Hello! Welcome to UCMAS Plano, your neighbourhood Abacus-based mental math training center.
We help children aged 5-13 years develop their number sense, math skills & enhance their overall brainpower with the help of proven Abacus training methods. Globally we’ve trained 3 million+ children. Ghostwriter Österreich teaches in the form of a game, which helps to engage the child from the first minutes.
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