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FAQs For Parents
We’re more than happy to answer your questions!
01. Why should I enroll my child in the UCMAS child development program?

UCMAS Mental Math program promotes whole brain development, develops foundational skills like focus, listening and creativity. Training the next generation of leaders to face the challenges of an increasingly competitive environment.

02. What is the best age to start?

At any age, especially in the formative years of 5 – 13.

03. Will this training conflict with the school’s method of teaching math?

More than one way to solve a problem – applying different frameworks, we’ve found, helps increase the child’s understanding and improves his/her numeracy skills

04. Are parents kept in the loop?

Unique among its competitors, UCMAS actively encourages parents to participate in the Parents Orientation (prior to starting the Basic level), which helps parents understand the system and support their children in the early training stages. Parents are also regularly kept up to date as to their child’s progress throughout the program.

05. What exactly is “mental math?”

The UCMAS Mental Math program trains students to quickly and accurately do complex calculations without the aid of a calculator or other helpers. Introduce the concept of visualization and thinking in pictures.

06. My child is an A student in math. Is there a benefit to his learning the Abacus?

Absolutely! A student who has already demonstrated advanced ability in mathematics will still benefit greatly from learning the Abacus method. UCMAS graduates learn new techniques and better understand how calculations work, enabling them to do their work faster and more accurately. That’s powerful knowledge to take forward into secondary school and beyond. Plus, the whole brain development and life skills UCMAS fosters will help your child excel in any subject.

07. My child is not good at math at all. What kind of improvement can I expect?

Because our training method differs greatly from that of traditional mathematics, just because your child struggles with math at school doesn’t mean he won’t do well at UCMAS. On the contrary, some of the most successful students have been those who had previously found math difficult. If a student is dedicated to the program, receives strong parental support and encouragement and persists through the initial training period, dramatic improvement is guaranteed. This is confirmed by the many testimonials we have from our proud UCMAS parents.

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