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Explore Your Options for a Rewarding Career with UCMAS!

UCMAS Builds Careers

We build futures for our students and careers for our staff. Become a part of our team and grow with us!

Our Tutors are Patient, Hard Working and Professionally Competent!

Do you have any of these qualities?

Then UCMAS USA is the right place for you! We are focused on attracting and retaining only the best of the best. By placing an emphasis on the communication skills, creativity and global awareness of our employees, UCMAS strives to increase the overall quality of our work environment and to contribute to society as a whole. We look for people who are adaptable, self-motivated, who are passionate about their work and are team players.

From a business angle, our main focus are our students. As an employer, we value our employees. Each employee works towards improving the experience and success of our students attending our 3,000+ UCMAS Abacus Math Program Centers. All our employees contribute towards improving the quality of education and life for all children, regardless of their age, background and abilities. Our employees possess various arwas of expertise, but we all share a common goal: to make the world a better place now and for generations to come.

Equal Employment Opportunities

UCMAS’s policies and programs ensure that all hiring, compensation and other employment decisions are based on individual merit and not on any bias towards ethnicity, age, colour, marital status, religion, disability or military status.

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