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Here comes the spring! Everyone is ready for a perfect spring break, dreaming of sunshine, relaxation, and a memorable time with the family. While beachside lounging or exploring new holiday destinations might be on your agenda, here’s a proposal for a unique twist to your child’s vacation plans this year.

This spring break, instead of another week of downtime, gift your child a spring retreat that is both enriching and exciting. Welcome to the world of math camp for kids, where learning and adventure meet fun.

What is a UCMAS Math Camp for Kids?

First things first, let’s uncover what exactly is a Math Camp for kids. Think of it as a retreat that offers an interactive and engaging educational program that is designed to make math fun and exciting. It includes hands-on activities, games, and challenges aimed at developing your child’s numerical skills, confidence, and problem-solving skills. What makes this fun and interesting is – that it’s not your typical classroom set-up. In the math camp, children are encouraged to explore hands-on learning experiences with basic math concepts like division and addition, as well as more complex arithmetic problems. This ignites curiosity and creativity in their young minds.


Unveiling the UCMAS Math Camp’s superpower: Abacus Mental Math!

You might be wondering: What could be so special about an Abacus Mental Math camp? To give you an idea, it’s like discovering the secret code to mathematical mastery!

For over 30 years, UCMAS has been on a quest to revolutionize math education for kids. We have developed unique abacus and mental math techniques that help children in school and in overall cognitive development. The abacus is used as a dynamic tool to enhance concentration, focus, and numerical proficiency. Children learn to perform calculations swiftly and accurately through hands-on practice with the abacus. This ancient method fosters mental agility as it stimulates both sides of the brain. Further on, as children are encouraged to visualize the abacus and mentally manipulate the beads, they gain an in-depth understanding of basic mathematical concepts, which leads to increased confidence. Sounds like a lot? It’s not! 

Your child does not have to be a math whiz to understand Abacus Math. These mental math activities are designed to be intuitive and accessible to learners of all ages.

A Sneak Peek at our Plan for Math Domination!

Here’s a sneak peek into some of the abacus math activities your child will be diving into.

Number Sense

Children will develop a deeper understanding of numbers and their relations through interactive games and exercises. From identifying numerical patterns to comparing quantities, number sense activities lay the foundation for strong mathematical skills.

Number Sense Activities


At the mental math camp, we turn math into an exciting challenge with flashcards. The clock is set and kids dive into a race against time to solve math problems. Every correct answer is a delightful victory, boosting their confidence and making them feel like math superheroes. Flashcards are a great way to introduce fun and excitement while learning and building that sweet sense of accomplishment among kids. 



Using the abacus to perform calculations becomes a thrilling adventure for kids as they slide, count, and arrange the beads to solve math problems. By physically moving the beads, they’ll visualize mathematical concepts in action and develop a concrete understanding of abstract ideas.


Magic Math

Prepare to be amazed as your child embarks on an adventurous journey to uncover the secrets behind math! From mind-boggling number patterns to seemingly impossible calculations, math magic captivates children’s imaginations while reinforcing key mathematical principles.

Is the math camp for kids worth all the hype?

Abacus mental math is the core of this math camp for kids. Let’s learn more about the benefits your child will reap from the math camp.

Improved Concentration

The math camp for kids is designed to be a haven to improve concentration and focus. Manipulating the beads on the abacus and memorizing flashcards requires keen focus and attention to detail. These activities help kids sharpen their concentration skills, which can translate to better focus in other areas of their lives, like schoolwork and extracurricular activities.

Fun and Engaging Learning

There’s never a dull moment while learning abacus mental math. Interactive activities like flashcards, memory games, math magic tricks, and group activities during the camp, evoke a sense of joy while learning in a hands-on, engaging way. Your kids will not just memorize formulas, they will actively participate in their learning, making math an enjoyable adventure rather than a subject.

Visual and Spatial Reasoning

Activities involving beads and the abacus develop visual and spatial reasoning skills in kids. They learn to visualize the abacus and successfully grasp numerical concepts and relationships. This deepens their understanding and improves their overall mathematical proficiency.

Stress Reduction

The mental math camp boasts an array of interactive and enjoyable learning experiences. This fosters a sense of relaxation and enjoyment among children and alleviates the pressure often associated with traditional classroom learning. This stress reduction can have long-term effects on your child’s overall well-being, developing a positive attitude towards math and learning in general.

Boosted Confidence

As kids master new math concepts using abacus math, their confidence skyrockets and they develop a creative and analytical approach to math problems. Imagine the pride on your child’s face when they solve a complex calculation mentally or perform a math magic trick flawlessly! These small victories build self-esteem and empower kids to go back to school with a renewed sense of confidence.

Stop searching “math class near me!”

Your search for the perfect math enrichment experience ends here! Our Abacus mental math camp  is a spring adventure filled with mathematical discovery and mastery for your little one.  From playful and fun activities like number sense games and mental math magic to tactile experiences involving beads on the abacus and flashcard quizzes, this specialized math camp for kids offers a fun and interactive learning environment that transforms the spring break into a productive experience. 

So why wait? Unfold a mathematical adventure for your child, this spring break. Enroll your child  in the UCMAS math camp for kids and watch their mathematical abilities soar to new heights.