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UCMAS Online Abacus Classes
UCMAS Online Abacus Classes

Build Your Child's Math Confidence

With Abacus Online Classes

Build Your Child's Math Confidence With Abacus Online Classes

UCMAS brings its time-tested concept right into your home through live abacus online classes. Students join interactive sessions led by expert UCMAS course instructors in a virtual classroom. The classes follow a progression designed for gradual mastery. Step-by-step learning allows students to develop a solid base in core concepts related to mental arithmetic like number & pattern recognition, times tables, and mastering all methods of calculations with increased speed and accuracy. 

Nurture your child’s potential with our comprehensive online abacus math program. Book an Info session today and witness firsthand the skills they will excel in a collaborative class curriculum. 

How Are Online Abacus Classes Different From In-person Classes?

The major difference is the convenience of learning from home!

Other Benefits of the Program -

001 individual
002 training
Limited Number of
003 classroom
Live Math Activities
& Tests
004 subscription
Scheduled Lessons
& Activities
005 happy hour
Flexible Schedule
006 video record
Access to Recorded Sessions for Review
007 study
Collaborative Learning Environment with Peers
008 satisfaction
Instant Feedback
from Course Instructors
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Learning In Centre Online Classes
Mental Math Mastery checked 2 checked 2
Deep Understanding of Arithmetic Concepts checked 2 checked 2
Academic Excellence checked 2 checked 2
Personalized Learning checked 2 checked 2
Whole-brain development checked 2 checked 2
Expert Instructor Guidance checked 2 checked 2

A Glimpse of Our Virtual Abacus Class

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Abacus Classes FAQs

How do UCMAS online classes work?

UCMAS online classes typically involve live sessions with instructors, supplemented by digital resources and interactive activities to teach abacus and mental math concepts.

What are the benefits of enrolling my child in UCMAS online classes?

Enrolling your child in UCMAS abacus online classes can improve concentration, memory, and problem-solving abilities while resulting in ultimate academic success, boosting their confidence in math skills.

Which platform is used for the online abacus classes?

  We use Zoom Video App or Microsoft TEAMs or Google Meet to conduct all our online classes. All the available security checks are also ensured for safe online communication.

Will my child get regular homework?

 Abacus & mental math skills need continued practice to get the best results. Daily homework of about 15-20 minutes is given so that continued learning is ensured and the child can get the best out of the UCMAS program.

Will the Abacus and other books get delivered at home?

Parents can either get it picked up from their nearest UCMAS Centre or get it delivered to their home.

What age group is the UCMAS Online abacus math program/classes suitable for?

Any student between the age of 5-13 is suitable to join the UCMAS online abacus math program.

What materials or equipment are needed for UCMAS abacus online classes?

Typically, students need access to a computer or tablet with internet connectivity. Additionally, they require an abacus and relevant course materials provided by the program. 

Is there a trial period or demo available for UCMAS online classes?

 We offer a trial period or demo class for prospective students to experience the teaching style and curriculum before committing to enrollment.

Are parents kept in the loop? How?

 Unique among its competitors, UCMAS actively encourages parents to participate in the online Parents Orientation (before starting the Basic level), which helps parents understand the system and support their child in the early training stages. Parents are also regularly kept up to date about their child’s progress throughout the program. 

Let the learning adventure begin!

Empower your child's journey for success in academics and beyond