4 reasons why you should enrol your child in ucmas

Help your child keep on learning, even after the bell rings!

Do you want to improve your child’s academic performance after school hours? Or you may be looking to expand his personal and life skills in general? Your reasons may vary but enrolling your child in an after-school program is usually the best option. Of course, your children learn a lot of things in their respective classrooms at school, but why not build on their acquired knowledge by enrolling them in a safe, friendly environment surrounded by educators who care deeply care about their student’s progress?

Here are 4 reasons why you should enroll your child in an abacus mental math program:

1.       Better Memory Retention

Does your child keep on forgetting what they learned in school? Or is it that time of the year when the final bell rings and your child closes his books for the summer? Well, you’re in luck. Our after-school math programs are open all year-round and help to boost your child’s memory by through repetition and practice. The more your child’s mind is kept busy by working throughout the year, the better their memory will be.

2.       Attain Better Grades

What parent doesn’t want their child’s grades to improve right? Our tutors are hands-on and our classes are tailored according to a healthy student-teacher ratio hence each student gets the personalized time, attention, and focus of our tutors. Our teachers can focus, instruct and teach their students better due to the smaller number of children in their care. If your child needs to improve his grades, then a healthy sized student-teacher ratio class will definitely help them do just that.

3.       Higher Confidence Levels

We want to make sure that your children are confident and comfortable when it comes to taking tests. Exposing them to this type of strict formal test environment early on gets them accustomed to these types of environments, making them more comfortable in this environment and gradually easing their anxiety which in turn allows them to perform better.

Constant supervision and encouragement from our tutors also help them become more confident which they can then apply to their lives, classroom environment, and exam rooms as well.

4.       Improves Interpersonal Skills

Communication skills are extremely vital to developing other life skills such as listening and problem-solving skills. Good interpersonal skills will not only lead to a more successful personal life but an equally successful business life later on as well. Your children will be able to meet other students and build new friendships easily in these after-school math programs. Student interactions with their classmates and tutors in both an informal as well as a formal setting helps make it easier for them to build up their self-confidence and develop social skills.

AT UCMAS, we incorporate all of these 4 benefits into our abacus math programs! Our after-school math programs offer an upbeat, productive learning environment and have an excellent proven track record for engaging our students in the beauty and wonder of math!