Time to unlock your Childs highest potential with UCMAS

Due to the one set of Covid-19 in 2020, students would miss out on a number of chances. Due to the pandemic, they were forced to limit their learning to online platforms. But now that several North American regions have loosened their restrictions, students can resume their regular routines and take advantage of the different activities, competitions, and educational opportunities that are coming their way.

UCMAS USA always had one aim in their hearts when organizing any competition for our students and that is a good opportunity with various learning skills for them! Due to covid we were unable to organize any activity of competition due to restrictions in several parts of America.

But now with all the restrictions uplifted by the government we are very happy to announce THE NATIONAL LEVEL COMPETITION back in the OFFLINE MODE for the first time since the last 3 years!

With students tackling 150–200 arithmetic questions in JUST 8 minutes, our National Level Competition is a one-of-a-kind event that fosters healthy competition among thousands of kids and inspires them to do better and better every time.

Other significant advantages of the national level competition include:-

  • Strive For Greatness:
    The UCMAS National Level Competition gives students a platform to embrace their competitive nature and the difficulties that come with it. Children who are good at mental math and abacus math get a chance to compete against students from all over the nation in this competition. Additionally, it motivates individuals to push themselves and achieve greatness and helps them gain appreciation for their abilities.
  • Increase Confidence:
    Students who excel at abacus and mental math have a chance to compare their abilities with those of other students from across the nation during the competition. Additionally, it motivates them to work harder and pursue greatness while also allowing them to be praised for their accomplishments.
  • Gain Exposure:
    The UCMAS national level competition is a fantastic opportunity for students to compete against one another and learn about new concepts and cultures. The gathering also offers a setting where they can interact without worrying about criticism or judgment, enabling them to forge bonds with those in their immediate vicinity. They can sharpen their problem-solving skills and develop their mental math abacus skills at this event by interacting with their peers.
  • Ignite Love For Mental Math and Abacus:
    For kids who love mental math and the abacus, the UCMAS National Level Competition has emerged as a ray of hope. It assists them in honing their abilities, learning fresh tactics, boosting their self-assurance, developing an appreciation for mathematical reasoning, and igniting their passion for math. Students have the chance to interact with other students through the competition.

With all these huge advantages offered through our National Level Competition we can guarantee you that your kid will unlock all their potential and be a better learner!

So don’t forget to take full advantage of our National level Competition and register on our website for the same before 31st of March.