Why Abacus Mental Math is the Right Choice For Your Children

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.” – Albert Einstein

Children, under the watchful eyes of their parents, are able to grow and develop without boundaries or limitations. This development is shown in various birth charts, and is more often than not, focused on the physical aspects of development. But the development, if it is only physical and not cognitive, can lead to deficiencies in the children’s overall wellbeing and have consequences that might crop up later in life.

A very good way to reduce these effects is by looking at your children’s development in a more complete or holistic sense. This includes not just their physical growth but also their cognitive development. Since the milestones become less and less evident in terms of physical manifestation by the age of 5 years, the focus needs to shift to mental development for the later years of childhood. This requires added stimulus for the brain. One way to go about this is through mental arithmetic classes to help children develop good math skills from an early age. 

An Ancient Tool for Brain Development

A technique that is very helpful in providing the required challenges for the brain to grow and develop is known as abacus mental math. Its effects are not only limited to the improved mental capacity for performing arithmetic functions, but also an increase in creative thinking and imagination through an increased usage of the right-brain hemisphere. The right-brain hemisphere is associated with higher levels of speed, efficiency, and accuracy which also affect “brain- fitness”.

Abacus math learning deals with auditory, visual and kinesthetic/tactile senses which develop a children’s observation and concentration skills. Abacus learning centres also provide motivation for learning through various rewards and points for completing each stage of the abacus math program. This vocational course gives children the added benefit of being more intellectually superior than their peers. This in turn gives them a confidence boost and a much needed increase in self-esteem.

With an increase in reasoning capacity, children are able to learn faster and retain better. Additionally, these after-school math programs aid memorisation skills and equip children with the judgment and application skills and also improve mental math skills. 

UCMAS as an After-School Program 

The abacus training centres are an after-school math program that provides the children with the opportunity of combining their everyday and school learnings with quick, math equation solving tricks in a fun and easy manner.

This combination of improved mental math capability, physical capacity, and physiological ability provides a sound framework for children’s holistic development and helps them get ahead of their peers and competitors. It also makes the children more eager to learn and absorb new things, which is a delightful outcome in the long run, particularly when they get older.

UCMAS provides a very easy way to get all the above-mentioned benefits by simply registering for their abacus mental math training programs. These programs cater to the mental math abilities of children aged 5 to 13 years and help train them to be able to perform advanced mental math calculations easily and learn faster. It is an ideal solution for any and all math related problems and gives quality results.So instead of just reading this blog, go to the UCMAS site, register for and join our program, and see your child bloom into a math genius!