Why You Should Enrol Your Child in UCMAS

Today’s kids are so different from previous generations. They are very smart yet very impatient, making it all the more difficult to hold their attention for very long. A lot of kids tend to find school boring, largely due to outdated teaching methods and their unfamiliarity with certain subjects.

One such subject that many students don’t really pour their hearts into is math, with many parents complaining about their children struggling with mathematics, with many having developed a math phobia!

WRONG!! If taught properly, math can be the most interesting subject to study if taught properly. Unfortunately, the education system is outdated and not designed to create or garner a love of math amongst the weaker students. It’s always the usual board and chalk routine for teachers and a pencil and notebook routine for students. But what if I told you that math can go beyond mere pencil and paper learning?

Yes, your child can learn not only basic math but also how to do rapid mental math outside the classroom as well!

UCMAS is a great opportunity for your children to learn something other than the usual mathematics. We help your child learn in a completely different way, whereby they are taught to solve advanced mental math problems within seconds.

Our after school program will benefit your children for the better. It will keep your children away from the conventional techniques and allow them to explore other ways to calculate maths!

So, why not keep your children learning after school as well? So why not opt for an effective afterschool program where they get to learn mental math?

Still confused about why your child should attend an after school math program? 

Here are 5 points on why UCMAS mental math classes are different from a mathematics class and why your child should attend our mental math after school program: 

  1. More than a Just a Pencil and Paper Concept

Our back-to-school mathematics is a great way for your children to learn mathematics because we try to introduce different ways to make mathematics more fascinating for them to do. 

Today we are trusted by more than ten thousand parents, and we have made them believe that mathematics can be easy and fun for your child so that they can continue to love the subject and pursue it for the rest of their lives.

  1. Enhances Concentration

UCMAS mental math encourages more concentration by newer concepts and different techniques so that children don’t get bored and completely enjoy what we teach in class.

With the help of the abacus, we make learning more fun so that children can learn from the most basic concept and go on to become proficient at math!

By this we make students learn better and  help them gain more concentration with the use of the abacus and also with the help of our highly trained tutors.

  1. Math Done Fast

One of the main reasons students don’t like math is because they feel that it’s a complex subject.

With the help of an abacus, beads, and UCMAS, we introduce fast tricks to calculate complex sums without pencil and paper so that your child develops a great interest in the subject, and that is why our students are able to do math much more easily and quickly.

  1. Helps in Concentration and in Application Skills

Students today find numbers to be boring with outdated teaching methods . That’s why they don’t like math that much, so they don’t really put their hearts in this subject because they don’t find mathematics to be an interesting subject so they just pretend to forget to do it or believe that they will never be able to do it.

UCMAS helps children to overcome this boredom and introduce mathematics in a different approach and helps them excel in it.

  1. Improves Confidence

Did you know that 93% of students struggle with mathematics in their lives? UCMAS mental math helps your child shine at mathematics from a young age so that they develop a sense of liking for the subject and so this helps them develop confidence.

We are sure that UCMAS will help your child develop a new narrative about math. Help your child develop a liking for mathematics with us and enroll them in our after-school program!