Why is Learning the Abacus Important for Your Child!

An ancient tool that has retained its value for several centuries despite the advance of technology must be pretty good right? 

The abacus has been used for centuries to teach the fundamentals of numbers and is now being used all over the globe to train young minds in mathematics and rapid mental math. 

The main advantage of learning the abacus early on is that it can significantly enhance brain power by improving the brain skills of children early on. When children learn to use an abacus, they use both their hands and a tool with beads to calculate numbers. It is widely believed that the movement of beads using their fingers activates their brain sensors. Enrolling your children in an abacus learning center early on can transform them into human calculators, mathematicians, and even magna cum laude graduates later on!

Here are 7 Benefits of Enrolling Your Children in an early Abacus Learning Center:

  • Improves Concentration Skills

    Learning the abacus requires rigorous practice, with the calculations gradually moving over to being done in the mind which vastly improves concentration levels, for both math subjects as well as other STEM subjects. Children learn to develop a razor-sharp focus on specific problems whether they have to be solved at home or school, vastly improving concentration skills.

    • Improves Problem Solving Skills

    Abacus mental math training teaches children to analyze the usage of the correct formula instantly and use that in solving the problem. With this, children also begin to analyze real-life situations and enhance their analytical skills.

    • Great Stress Buster

    Learning the abacus has been known to act as a great stress buster and give a boost of happiness amongst its users, namely our abacus mental math students!

    • Promotes Holistic Brain Development

    The brain’s right side is responsible for creativity while the left side is known for logical reasoning. Abacus mental math training accelerates both the right and left sides of the brain which has the effect of enhancing the memory of the child in question. This trains the mind to perform logical and physical actions at the same time.

    • Increases Confidence

    Children that have a math phobia will end up eliminating it after being enrolled in an abacus mental math program as the program is designed to help children make math calculations quickly and accurately amongst healthy competition.

    Children who learn the abacus acquire the skills of listening, speed, imagination, innovation, and creativity, making them sharp and confident in their abilities.

    • Promotes Decisiveness

    Abacus mental training helps in instilling and cultivating an overall interest and positive attitude towards academics in general. This coupled with the skills they learn in abacus math classes and their problem-solving abilities which are further honed to take quick decisions.

    • Instills a Firm Understanding of STEM

    Children who use the abacus tend to understand numbers in a concrete way early on which helps in improving their relationship with other math-related STEM subjects, making them fun and easy to understand.

    Learning the abacus has risen in popularity as parents have begun to realize the benefits of abacus mental math training on their children’s young minds and how it helps them understand numbers and calculations. Abacus mental math programs are designed to focus on calculation methods that can help your children learn digit correlation, decimal grasp, and number manipulation skills. Your children need to be equipped with the best after-school programs that will help them become successful in their lives ahead. So why not enroll them in the UCMAS abacus math program? Get in touch with us today to ensure your children are on track for college!