Establish a Great Math Foundation For Your Child

Do you know that 10% of elementary school going students have difficulty doing math problems in preschool and school? Ultimately it becomes inevitable for us to be more thoughtful and think about how we can develop a sense of familiarity with our children and math during the initial years of their lives.

Math can be introduced at a fairly early age to our kids so that we set a good base of math and help them become math wizards!!

So UCMAS introduces math to kids at a young age so that they can become good at maths and be always ready to do anything like multiplication, algebra and rapid mental math in the future. 

We have introduced math to them with the aid of math puzzles, games, and activities so that it becomes relatively easy for them to understand and so that math becomes a child’s play!

At UCMAS, we believe math does not start with school, it should start much earlier so kids are provided with a wide range of exposure much earlier which helps them understand the subject better!

With UCMAS, we help children with problem solving and also inspire them with creative and critical thinking. We assure you that the apple of your eye is going to love maths in the future following UCMAS.

There are 3 main reasons you should enrol your child in UCMAS:

  1. Learn Maths through a Fun Learning Approach

Today, when it has become so difficult to grab a kid’s attention we have come up with interesting games, puzzles, fun activities so that your kid can learn while playing and with that we are building a good foundation of a good math world so that they can go on and also do complex math problems.

  1. Establishes a Strong Early Math Foundation

At UCMAS, we aim to establish a positive relationship between your child and math so that they don’t get potential math anxiety in the future! We want your child to be ready with the concepts of basic math so that they don’t get the burden of the subject.

  1. Helps In Critical And Creative Thinking!

While we want your kids to have fun while doing math, we also want to encourage creative thinking and also foster logical and creative thinking and sense of imagination and concentration! So that ultimately they can go from basic maths to complex with utmost ease.

After reading the benefits of enrolling your children in an early learning education program then it is a no brainer that you should help your children become comfortable with math early on. What better way to help your children master not only math but mental math as well than be enrolling them in a proven abacus mental math program?

Don’t delay! The UCMAS mental math program deeply enhances your child’s processing power along with the ability to pair concentration to thinking, as well as the ability to think on his feet. Help enhance your child’s academic ability by enrolling him in our UCMAS abacus mental math program today!